Our Story

Our Purpose 

Before Plant.Digital, Distributed Control Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ran operations within industrial companies. ​

The challenge with this approach is that changing any aspect of operations requires an understanding of the financial and productivity impacts which in turn requires data extraction and manual analysis that consumes time and resources. ​

At Plant.Digital, we offer a set of Integrated Manufacturing Operation Management Solutions (iMOMS) that connect Distributed Control Systems to the ERP to provide data in real-time which will help improve plant productivity and ultimately increase profit. ​

iMOMS do this by:​

Harmonizing and streamlining processes, assets,
and people 

Creating operational transformational excellence through
a digital suite of solutions

Creating real value through innovation, advice, design,
delivery, and

Leveraging the existing technology built and operating in Aramco for over 15 years.

Bringing together domain, technology,
and change

Our Vision

​We aim to contribute to global innovation by becoming a global industry leader that specializes in implementing, supporting, and optimizing a suite of reliable and highly accessible industrial digital solutions.

Our Mission

To provide a reliable, and scalable package of integrated industrial software solutions that reduces cost and improves efficiency, productivity, safety, and sustainability in the long term for industries across the globe.

Delivering A More Sustainable Future

Our transformational solutions drive improvements for industrial companies in terms of asset reliability, which provides a significant increase in efficiency and profitability.


We provide improvements in access to environmental data, visualization of sustainable KPIs, energy efficiency and asset reliability, while reducing carbon footprint and maximizing safety in operations.


We proudly support the Kingdom’s vision of the future by building a team of talented and entrepreneurial Saudi nationals.


We believe in empowering all Saudi men and women, building economic diversification, and developing diverse workforces.


We support the IKTVA program and will help drive digitalization of the Kingdom across industries.

Why We’re Different

We are focused on innovation and enabling the transformation of organizations by enhancing operations to improve and support people, processes, and the environment.

Our foundations are made up of the combined experience of two global entities: Aramco and Honeywell. While one offers domain expertise, pre-configured industrial digital solutions, and a proven methodology, the other brings digital technology expertise, delivery capabilities, support staff, and market access.

Whether the operation is in petrochemicals, water desalination, mining, minerals, or F&B production, we will provide:

  1. More rapid time to value through experienced system integration using a pre-configured, fully Integrated Manufacturing Operations Management Solution (iMOMS)​

  2. A specialized domain with technology experts focused on innovation, delivery, and dedicated support regarding our digital solutions​

  3. Reduced delivery risks and proven return on investment thanks to the extensive domain and project execution experience in downstream refining and petrochemical plants

  4. A long-term, reliable partnership that supports and delivers a transformation toward operational excellence​

Our Leadership Team

Norm Gilsdorf

CEO Plant.Digital

Norman is a professional with over 45 years of industrial experience. He was previously the President for Honeywell Middle East, Russia, Turkey, and Central Asia, and played a critical role in leveraging new opportunities in emerging markets by developing innovative technologies and solutions that help industries overcome challenges.

Oliver Braun

Chief Commercial Officer

Oliver brings 30 years of technology and consulting experience to the oil, gas, and chemicals industry of which he spent 14 years in the Middle East region. His professional experience ranges from Industry 4.0 digital transformation to profit optimization in asset-intensive industries as well as operations excellence.

Industry-Leading Talent

Plant.Digital can enable you to build highly valuable solutions from the ground up with the security and credibility of two global organizations that share world-class technology and domain experience in plant operations, digital software innovation and development, complex program and end user adoption management.

We can enhance your future career by developing and enabling diverse skill development beyond the confines of a typical corporate organization and within a team that prioritizes equality and diversity, particularly in terms of empowering Saudi women.

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