Ras Tanura is a coastal city in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, serving as a major oil operations center and port for Saudi Aramco. With a crude distillation capacity of over 500,000* barrels per day, the facility’s efficient management is essential for maximum productivity. However, operations were hindered by manual processes and ad-hoc systems, resulting in issues such as the lack of real-time monitoring, operational task prioritization, and accessible data.

To address these challenges, the Ras Tanura refinery began working with what is now Plant.Digital’s iMOMS system in 2019. By incorporating multiple systems, the iMOMS solution offers integrated reliability and integrity management, regulatory compliance management, and production operations management. Through this implementation, Aramco could organize all refinery data into an integrated, real-time framework, enabling employees and applications to utilize meaningful and contextualized information. ​​

The iMOMS system helped deliver reliable and consistent data, minimized the risk of incidents, and enabled strategic business planning, investment analysis, and inventory optimization. Ultimately, the iMOMS system allowed Aramco to enhance profitability by increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

*Correct at time of case study.