(Al-Turki Business Park, Dhahran)

DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia, September 2023 – Plant.Digital is delighted to announce the opening of the Aramco-Honeywell joint venture and head office in Dhahran. Designed to help industrial companies innovate and transform how they think, work, and operate through a suite of digital solutions, Plant.Digital will offer multiple benefits – to industries in Saudi Arabia, MENA and globally.

Norm Gilsdorf, CEO of Plant.Digital, said at the opening ceremony held in downtown Dhahran that this premium software integration company will provide the right data, to the right person, at the right time.

With a mission to provide a reliable, and scalable package of integrated industrial software solutions for industries across the globe, Gilsdorf said, “by deploying Plant.Digital’s advanced digital solutions we will streamline plant operations for optimal efficiency and deliver improved productivity, profitability, safety and sustainability. All within a cybersecure environment”.

Helping business achieve their sustainability and profitability goals through efficiency and the use of digital twins sits at the heart of the joint venture. Plant.Digital offers a set of Integrated manufacturing operation management solutions (iMOMS) that connects distributed control systems to enterprise resource planning to provide data in real-time which will help improve plant productivity and ultimately increase profit.

Not only will Plant.Digital help individual operators, it will drive the Kingdom’s national roadmap to transform Saudi Arabia into an industrial powerhouse and a global investment hub. And, it offers excellent career opportunities for Saudi citizens, with 10 interns already benefiting from the joint venture, and dozens of job openings as the business scales up.