Plant.Digital is delighted to announce our participation at this year’s Global Industrial Internet of Things Summit (GIITS) at Dhahran Expo Center. We are excited to welcome you at our Plant.Digital booth, meet our team, and discuss For further details about the event, please refer to the following official GIITS […]
(Al-Turki Business Park, Dhahran) DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia, September 2023 – Plant.Digital is delighted to announce the opening of the Aramco-Honeywell joint venture and head office in Dhahran. Designed to help industrial companies innovate and transform how they think, work, and operate through a suite of digital […]
Ras Tanura is a coastal city in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, serving as a major oil operations center and port for Saudi Aramco. With a crude distillation capacity of over 500,000* barrels per day, the facility’s efficient management is essential for maximum productivity. However, operations were […]